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Herbal medicine is the most ancient form of medicine, steeped in intriguing history, with up to the minute scientific research to back how effective it is in treating a vast amount of complex conditions.  With scientific research, more is known and understood today about the phytochemical constituents of plants, and how those constituents interact physiologically, in the body, and with pharmaceutical drugs

Medical Herbalists are trained to carry out full consultations on patients. The first consultation lasts approximately an hour, and questions will be asked about all systems of the body to get a picture of a patient's general health. This is in order to get to the root of what could be causing a presenting health complaint, and also provides the information required to treat the body holistically ie. as a whole.

Medical Herbalists are not doctors, but are also trained in Clinical Skills and Differential Diagnosis as a doctor would be, and have the time to spend longer with a patient than a GP would.

Practitioners of herbal medicine commonly see many conditions seen by GPs.  These regularly include high blood pressure, cardiovascular system/circulatory disorders, digestive complaints, insomnia, anxiety, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, PCOS, menopause syptoms, infertility, IBS, thyroid disorders, impotence, fibroids, arthritis, low immunity, cystitis and recurring infections, amongst many others.

Whilst orthodox medicine has something to offer most people at some point, herbal medicine can often offer a remedy to many conditions with much lesser chance of side effects.  Herbal medicines, being derived from natural plant products, are made up of a wide number of constituents, which can treat different areas of the body at once.  This differs to pharmaceutical drugs which tend to focus on one specific symptom.

Stephanie Caley has her own herbal dispensary, stocking herbal remedies from highly reputable herbal suppliers. Mainly organic, bio-dynamic and fresh herb tinctures are stocked.  Dried herbs, which are always organic where possible, as well as pessaries, capsules, and specifically made up creams, are also dispensed, when required.

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